Vezham Actress Janani On Working With Iswarya Menon: “I Share A Wonderful Rapport & Friendship…”

Cold vibes between actresses is a misconception: Janani ( Photo Credit – Instagram ) Actress Janani, who plays one of the leads along with Ashok Selvan and Iswarya Menon in upcoming thriller ‘Vezham’, says the perception that two actresses working in a project will have cold vibes is actually nothing but a misconception. The actress, […]

Vezham Actress Janani On Working With Iswarya Menon: “I Share A Wonderful Rapport & Friendship…”

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Ankita Lokhande’s Husband Vicky Jain’s 100 Crore Net Worth Includes An 8bhk House In Mumbai, Swanky Cars & Whatnot! Check Out His Luxurious Lifestyle

dori’s speech after global meeting with pi network members.

Doris Yin’s speech to the Chinese Community

Dear pioneers, leaders, and merchants good evening:

I think everyone knows me, no need to introduce myself.
Please accept Doris Yin greetings from Toronto, Canada at 9 a.m., hello now! It is another sunny morning. I am very appreciated that all community pioneers bring me happy and joyful energy every day, so that I could grow up stronger and stronger every day!

First of all, I would like to thank Liang Zi inviting me to have the opportunity to meet you online in the Kuaishou Live Broadcast Room, and on behalf of Pi Revolution Community I would like to thank all the leaders, pioneers and merchants in China for your hard work and outstanding contributions to the global community! China is the first and only country to fully implement GCV. Africa and some Asian countries are also catching up.

So I would like to take this opportunity to give a summary on the current global situation: After the Global Consensus Conference, the Ecological Conference and the Summary Conference, GCV is the global consensus price has been widely spread around the world and has been recognized by more and more communities and pioneers, even European and American communities some has accepted GCV I participated in the fourth summary conference when there was basically no opposition, So everyone has recently use the word GCV, I also saw that all the communities in various countries use this term so I suggest Chinese community use it. Fom this term you can also feel that no matter how much you recognize about the price of pi,whether you oppose it or not, the price represented by this word has been deeply engraved in the minds of all pioneers.

I also browsed the price of PCM , the pricing of merchants in various countries is big different from high and low, the highest price is from China and Africa GCV, the lowest has the Philippines, etc., and even has a T-shirt 10 pi ; for a bag of 400 grams of dog food 8.5 pi, the price of barter mall is 6700$. Here I would like to reiterate that we must have a correct attitude towards price, that is, to respect the pricing of all merchants and not to judge, but we reserve our own opinion and actively promote and call on pioneers to go to GCV merchants to barter. Our community is only responsible for education, we convey the concept of the future value of the pi to every pioneer because the identity of the merchant is also a pioneer. In their hands there is the security, stability and long-term development of the pi of natural hope, so they support the GCV of the pi. If they understand the value of the pi and also see the great help of this pi chain for its future business, he will voluntarily empower, take out his own can use their products to make a contribution to the final pricing of the mainnet, that will be very welcome, but we will not persuade the merchant to accept this price, And there’s no such thing in a world anyone who has power and right to enforce others to do. Only the merchant themselves who see the future of Pi, their decision power to pi price, the current economic situation is very difficult for traditional enterprises to succeed, if he seizes the opportunity early, he will move towards success earlier! So we ourselves also see in the market that all the merchants come to us, we don’t need to persuade or convince, the merchants are also very grateful to the working group for the mentality, why? Because everyone’s pi is one, every pioneer is helping himself when he dedicates his energy! At the same time, it has helped other pioneers and also helped the Pi community and the Pi Network!

I see that some pioneers can’t agree with GCV, this is completely normal, everyone’s view of the world is different, so there is no need for everyone to support GCV, the world is colorful and all-encompassing, no matter what your understanding of pi is, 1$, 10$, 100$ 1000 $, 6700$ or even higher I will respect your cognition, respect your choice, I will not ask you to accept GCV. Your worldview and perspective are different and you will get a price that you agree This is also the reason why pi network is to gather fairness and justice. But if you question the GCV, and slander,insult and attck the leaders and pioneers who advocate this price, first of all yourself have violated the principle of inclusiveness of the pi,indicating that you have not really understood the pi. As for why we call out GCV, we have theoretical basis of GCV. Thinking of our consensus conference and ecological conference, I and Commandar and Mr. Lu total of 6 speech up to 2 hours has discussed from the macro and micro, strategic and tactical perspectives. if you have doubts, you can find our speech. So please do not say that we do not have theoretical support. Because we have already taken it, why is GCV $314,159 supported and recognized in so many countries and regions around the world? We are not gods, we do not have the ability to control the brains of so many people, we are just ordinary pioneers, and only the spirit and energy in line with the Dao in the world will attract people of insight to join! So my summary is: Every pioneer, no matter how much you know, please don’t argue about the price, don’t insult and threat, because this can’t help the price you support, I encourage you to focus on what you should do which is you also contact the merchants support your price. Let the market make a fairest choice, the price chosen by the market is the price recorded by the blockchain, In addition, we have long passed the calling price stage, so if you are interested in us, please understand what we are doing, we are now helping merchants to the sign up in PCM, all immersed in hard work, there is no time to pay attention to what other people are doing. So I advocate that all different price communities spend more time paying attention to their own communities and helping merchant work, please don’t pay too much attention to other communities, because your support price also need to generate data on the blockchain. Otherwise it will be difficult for you to implement your price. Our different communities maintain mutual respect, different price concepts are equal, there is no distinction between high and low. We call on and hope that communities will compete fairly to achieve the price of the open mainnet that is most conducive to the development of the pi network. Some people say that GCV will harm the ecology, this is your own wishful thinking, because GCV $314,159 will go through the baptism of the market, whether it will be realized or not is a good driving force for the market! Increase the value of the pioneers . The price is not the topic we need to argue about, what we need to do is to conform to the time and place, and do things according to the will of Universe! If the merchants and pioneers are awakened to raise the price to GCV we gladly accept, if it is below this price we are happy to accept, because at least the price of the market has been raised, and please believe in the wisdom and ability of the core team, do not consider the things that should be considered by the core team, everyone must learn to understand what they say in what position, we stand in the position of the community pioneer today, say what the pioneer should say, do what the pioneer should do. Don’t make decisions on behahlf of core team!

Therefore, we call on all communities to do what pioneers should do, that is, unity and win-win results! Have you ever heard the story of the two-headed bird? There was once a two-headed bird, the two heads often quarreled, but they could not be separated, after all, to share a body, but one is very vicious, he is jealous of the head who has a beatufiul head. So the heart is confused by the jealousy barrier, one day he found a poisonous fruit, tricked the other head to eat, it saw that the head ate and he is very happy, thinking: Hurry up and die, after that only I control this body, the result is he laugh a few second and he is poisoned and die! This story tells us that each of our pioneers has a community common destiny, the pi in our hands is the common body of everyone, the community of different prices is different heads, the heads and heads must respect each other and live in harmony, different prices are reasonable existence, different price cognition must go through the baptism of the market, can survive is the most vital, do not need to explain and explain, the law of the market economy is the survival of the fittest, this is human nature, human nature is to choose their own beneficial products and prices, So let’s the different communities compete fairly to get the most favorable open mainnet price for the pie network.

There is also a converter that everyone cares about, I reiterate once again that the purpose of the closed main network is to cultivate the habit of using the pi as a currency, let the pi circulate, rather than thinking about changing FIAT, if you all turn to fiat currency, then how the pi becomes the circulating currency, the purpose of the closed main networkIt is to create a safest and most reasonable price within the community, to prepare for the external ecology and businesses to settle in, so we must understand that our merchants do not need to support all the global ecology, our merchants are to create community-recognized prices, and now pioneers can also participate in creating prices through second-hand products. At present, because the price of the mainet hasn’t been confirmed, the bulk commodity merchants will observe, and this situation is fully understood, so I hope that the global pioneer will take action and actively build the price of GCV to implement. We don’t have time to explain the doubts of other communities, so we just applaud them and respect them. We do ourselves and focus on our goals!

Well, today’s time is over. I would like to express my admiration and gratitude to the DAO Alliance and the Merchant Alliance for launching this live broadcast! Thank you for your efforts! Thank you also for the invitation. Thanks to Liang Zi for hosting today! Thank you to PCM l for providing us with such a good platform to help our merchants and working groups all the way! Thanks to Dr. Nicholas’ core team for their hard work!

Finally, I wish all pioneer leaders peace and good luck! Realize all your good dreams at Pi! ~~ from Doris Yin, EA, Canada Toronto 9/3/2022